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*Homeland America LLC is a Veteran and Woman owned business*



Homeland America has a resource registry of professional consultants. Are you a former government employee or contractor with a good work record, and do you have special license, degree, skills and training, an expertise in your field, who can assist a company/government agency that can fulfill a specialized contract?  Homeland America would like to invite you to apply for our consultant resource registry. Starting pay is $25 per hour plus travel and per diem at the standard federal rate, when working in the field.  Pay scale is commensurate with experience.  When working from home, work is paid per project.  Consultants will be contracted independently, on a temporary, on call basis.  Consultants will be requested to ascribe to a Code of Conduct and Ethics, agree to complete training sessions as required, and must commit to as much as 90 days of continual service if requested.

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