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*Homeland America LLC is a Veteran and Woman owned business*


Let Homeland America match your resource needs with its resource providers.

Homeland America contracts with qualified, professional consultants who are experts in their fields regarding disaster recovery, many of whom are former government employees, and know the requirements and the paperwork.

Homeland America will send its qualified staff to oversee and assist you with all aspects of your pre- or post- disaster-related projects, in the most expedient and cost-effective manner.

Pre-disaster preparation:  Most grantees or sub-grantees, fail to receive their maximized grants after a disaster, due to lack of proper documentation.  Some examples are: a debris site was not pre-approved, lack of a pre-mitigation plan, there was no proper site documentation (lat-longs, pictures), or lack of maintenance records.  Homeland America can assist you in properly preparing the documentation you will need before the disaster, to be submitted after the disaster, so that you can recover all of your eligible reimburseable expenses. In other words, we will help you not 'leave the money on the table'. 

Homeland America can also facilitate pre-disaster instructional classes for groups of grantees or sub-grantees, at your facility. 

Post-disaster recovery:  With your pre-disaster documentation in place, after the disaster, that documentation can be submitted to recover your eligible reimburseable expenses.  Homeland America can also arrive on-site, post-disaster, to assist in making certain that all your eligible projects are covered.

If you are an applicant or a sub-applicant, in many cases, Homeland America can assist you in applying for your eligible reimburseable expenses, in the post-disaster recovery process.

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