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December 16, 2017, 03:05:23 AM


We don't waste your donation money on big TV ads. That is why we need your help spread the word about VOICE. When you give you can be assured that your donation is used to help Veterans not used to get more money. NO PAYROLL, even our instructors are all volunteers and must pay their own way so as not to take any money from the Veterans.  We are always looking for more volunteers.

We are a non-profit for Veterans and we can prove it.



Career path advisors will meet with program participants to provide an overview of each hands-on career training program available, and will help them identify the career path that best meets their goals.  The following programs are just a sampling of those being offered through Mountain Morning Ministries' sponsorship and Homeland America's facilitation of the "VOICE" program.  All program-participating Veterans will also receive “Life Skills” training in areas such as first aid, firefighting and prevention, personal management skills, etc.


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Stage Production 


Crystal Mining 




Website Monitoring 


Animal Welfare 


Fire Fighting 


Remote Mitigation 






Logistics & Support 






Sports Administrator 


Composition Writer


Food Service

Food Service Program

Sponsors of this program:

Homeland America

Program Summary:

Plain and simple, cooking is a necessary survival skill, but program participants will learn culinary arts as an expression of blessing to others.


All Veterans will take this program.

Any Veteran that wishes to participate in this program may click contact us to learn how to sign up. 


The VOICE program’s purpose is to serve honorably-discharged Veterans, at no charge to them, by assisting them in identifying a meaningful and gainful career path, through their participation in job site work experience opportunities and other learning projects designed especially to assist them in making a positive and productive transition back into the civilian workforce.


The VOICE program’s mission is to assist and ensure that all program-participating Veterans, are given the best opportunities possible to identify their career path through various learning and job site work experience programs, and, to promote their self-esteem and value of self-worth, through avenues of networking and building meaningful relationships from their experiences.


The VOICE program’s vision is that all program-participating Veterans, will realize value, dignity and respect, through those assisting them in identifying their career pathway, as a way of thanking them for their service to their country, and, for every Veteran to find their individual niche of productivity, so they might achieve their goals and dreams.


"United we stand, divided we fall"

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